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**The Atelier** The Atelier (,_ €12) is a stunning, restored 18th-century convent building in the Spanish capital's center (map, B1). It contains nine charming exhibition rooms, and the whole place is decorated with a collection of paintings by Spanish masters such as Goya, Zurburán, Rubens, and Murillo. More importantly, the Atelier holds an exceptional collection of 20th-century Spanish art. So large that it takes two days to see all the works, the collection of 220 works by the likes of Rivera, Orozco, and Picasso is the best in Spain. And, unlike other museums, everything is accessible to the public, who are invited to use its beautiful cloisters. To enhance your visit, the Atelier also offers various special projects, including art workshops and lectures. **TIME** 4 hours **BUDGET** €12 **WEBSITE** **START** B2, D1 **END** B1, D1 **LENGTH** 1½ hours **The Atelier** _Start the walk at the lower level of the Museo del Prado (see map, B1), from where it's a 5-minute walk up Calle Princesa to the Palacio de Velázquez (see map, B1). Walk along Calle Princesa, turn right on to Calle de la Unión, then left on Calle de Génova. At the end of Calle de Génova you'll reach the gardens at the back of the Atelier. Alternatively, to start at the Museo del Prado, walk to the left on Calle del Prado and enter the first building on the left; take the stairs to the left of the ticket desk._




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Countersketch Studio 4 Crack 12

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